For us, going green isn’t a marketing slogan. We want to do our part and we hope you’ll consider joining us in our conservation efforts. Here’s what we do:


We start by working with you to conserve water during California’s extreme drought. We encourage guests to consider reusing towels and have bedding changed less frequently. Our lobby restrooms feature new low-flow automatic toilets and touchless sinks.


Pier 2620 Hotel proudly features the natural ingredients and earth-friendly packaging of the William ROAM Float Collection in all suites and guest rooms. 60-percent of each room’s bathroom amenities are offered via zero waste dispenser, then we make sure the remaining 40-percent don’t go to waste. Empty bottles get recycled and the remaining soap and lotion is donated to Clean the World, which distributes recycled soaps and lotion to areas in need, aiding in the prevention of the millions of unnecessary deaths caused by hygiene-related illnesses every year. 


California isn’t called “America’s non-smoking section” for nothing. We are proud to offer our guests a 100% smoke-free property. Smoking is not allowed in guest rooms, public spaces, meeting rooms or within 20 feet of all entrances and exits. This includes all forms of smoking, including but not limited to: tobacco, marijuana, e-cigarettes, and vaping.